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As a leading regional commercial hub with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a world-class business environment, Dubai provides investors with a unique and comprehensive value-added platform that make Dubai the logical place to do business.

The Most Pro Business Attitude

  • Dubai believes that if its good for business, its good for Dubai
  • Sophisticated fast track business initiatives (business set up in 20 minutes in free zones)
  • 139 of the G500 MNCs in Dubai , 9 out of top 10 present in Dubai
  • Robust economic clusters including technology and internet hub, media hub, finance hub and healthcare hub.
  • World class free zones

The Best Regulatory Environment

  • No Corporate Tax
  • No Income Tax
  • 100% Ownership in Free Zones
  • No foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas
  • No restrictions on capital repatriation
  • Strong investor incentives and protections
  • Easy access to key decision makers

Relatively Low Cost Work Environment

  • Access to low cost regional talent
  • State of the art telecommunications
  • Competitive energy costs
  • Competitive real estate costs
  • Competitive import duties (4% with many exemptions)
  • Less expensive than Singapore , Hong Kong, Cairo and Bahrain

The Best Connected Location in the Region

  • Ultra modern airport handling 13.5 million visitors in 2001 connecting to over 140 destinations
  • Emirates Airlines consistently ranks among top 5 airlines in world
  • Over 630,000 tons of air cargo handled in 2001
  • 125 shipping lines with 47 million tons of cargo visited Dubai 's world class ports in 2001

Consistently Strong Economic Outlook

  • GDP/Capita over $20,000 among highest in the year
  • 10 year GDP Growth 8%
  • Diversified economy - oil only contributes 10% to GDP
  • Stable currency pegged to US$ at AED3.67:US$
  • Very low inflation (less than 2.5% from 1991 2000)
  • Non-oil GDP growth of 9.6% per annum from 1990 2000
  • Only 1.7% of active population unemployed

Easy Access to Regional Markets

  • Total region population of 1.8 billion ($1.5 trillion of combined GDP)
  • Access to huge talent pool of 13.8 million skilled degreed candidates
  • World-class land, sea, air cargo infrastructure

Strong Foreign Trade

  • Third most important re-export center in the world (after Hong Kong and Singapore )
  • Member of WTO
  • Trade makes 16.4% of GDP compared to 14.5% for Singapore
  • 9.2% growth in non-oil trade between 1989 and 1999

Thriving Tourist Destination

  • 11.6% of Dubai GDP invested in tourism
  • Hotels rank amongst top in world
  • Over 2.8 million tourists visited Dubai in 2000
  • World class restaurants, beaches and tourist attractions
  • Internationally renowned sports facilities including golf, tennis, water sports, horse riding, dune driving and sand skiing.

Cosmopolitan Work Environment

  • Over 185 nationalities
  • More than 75% of UAE population expatriate
  • Strong work ethic
  • World-class international schools
  • Excellent facilities for leisure, sports shopping and healthcare
  • Progressive, tolerant and multicultural society

Island of Calm in a Turbulent Region

  • Stable economy with relatively low volatility
  • Continuous political stability since its inception in 1971
  • Ranked 23 in 2002 Index of Economic Freedoms

Dubai has long been the pre-eminent business center in the region. Its geographical proximity to the talent and markets of the Middle East, Northern and Southern Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and the CIS, combined with the most sophisticated logistic infrastructure between Europe and the Far East, make Dubai the location of choice for businesses serious about the region.

Dubai 's government pursues a free and balanced economic policy that has fostered an excellent international reputation, and encouraged both national and foreign capital to invest in almost every conceivable sphere of economic activity. The non-oil sector in Dubai currently contributes around 90% of total GDP, and is expected to grow to 94% by 2005, with manufacturing, tourism and services all growing strongly.

With the advent of Dubai Internet City , Dubai Media City and Knowledge Village , the dynamism of Dubai 's traditional sectors is being transferred to the development of the knowledge economy. An ambitious e-Government initiative has enabled a wide range of government services to be provided online.

Dubai 's open economy and high living standards attract the best of talent from across the world. Several companies and businesses have shifted their operations to the city to take advantage of its strategic position at the crossroads of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia to target fast-growing emerging marketing of nearly two billion people.
Dubai is a prominent transportation hub and has one of the busiest ports in the world. Its airline Emirates has been named several times as the Airline of the Year and was the first carrier to order the giant Airbus A340 from Airbus Industries.

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