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With our high profile local management and diverse international business profile we can comfortable say that we are capable of opening to you the doors of opportunity in the UAE markets. At present we are almost dedicated to find and create opportunities for our present and future partners in the World and the region in two of the fastest growing sectors in the UAE market, the Hospitality sector and the Real Estate sector.

Why real estate? With yields ranging from 7-12%. Which is higher than most international markets, real estate continues to be the most attractive investment opportunity in the UAE. Moreover Dubai property market in particular continues to absorb the supply of property that emerges. Real estate is now a large part of the dynamic UAE economy and will help to sustain the booming economy in any oil price downturn. It’s also worth mentioning that much of the real estate investment come from equity sources and not borrowed money. So, it is unlikely to dry up and leave property projects standing still.

Also, the boom in real estate investments in the UAE led to massive growth in allied sectors such as the paint industry, interior design, kitchen, home technology, arts and crafts, garden and landscaping. Property and festive gifts and decorations in addition to many other sectors.

Why Hospitality? With its fast paced growth in all sorts of trade and business the UAE became the destination for any seekers of business or leisure opportunities. The feverish race between investors in the market to build the tallest or the biggest and the most wondrous landmarks keeps the world’s eyes turned to the UAE. Also, the services sector is always driving for perception when it comes to hosting tourist or conventioneers.

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